Book your spot and the next steps

- Please email all photos to (remember to have photographers permission for any photos you submit), as well as your choice of Medium and size.

- A 30% non-refundabel deposit is required to book your spot.. you have 7 days from payment to change your mind for a deposit refund,

- once your deposit is recieved I will give you an estimated start date for your portrait. I WILL DROP YOU  message when I am just about to start..

Working on your Portrait

- I will touch base with you a couple of weeks before I am about to begin. The time it takes to complete a portrait varies on the size, medium and number or subjects. Generally it can take 2-6 weeks.

- I may ask for a couple of more photos during this period for more detail.

- Once your portrait is finished, I will email you a watermarked photograph proof for approval. Small adjustments can be made at this time if necessary.

- Once you have approved your proof, graphite portraits will be sprayed with a protective sealant and mounted. Acrylics will have their hanger attached.  All portraits will be then packaged with a certificate of authenticity.

- I will email you when your portrait is ready.  Final payment is due before pickup or shipping.  If you portrait needs to be shipped there will be an extra charge.