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Thank you to Nicole @ Nate & Nicole Photography for this awesome photo from the 2018 NL Pet Expo.


I was born and raised on the magnificent island of Newfoundland, located on the east coast of Canada. From an early age my father and grandfather instilled a great love and respect for nature in me. I find being surrounded by trees, birds and all of nature to be the most peaceful and fulfilling place to be. I'm often heard saying "My heart sings when I'm in the woods".

Growing up I was also known to always have a pencil of one sort or another and be drawing elaborate stories - often times, to the dismay of my parents, fabulous creations on the underside of the coffee table in the living room. However once I started university I did step away from drawing for far too many years. 

I found my muse when I created an in memory portrait of my parent's beloved dog Beaumont for my father's birthday. I so much enjoyed drawing this picture of Beau - challenging myself to capture his intensity, personality and look into your soul stare. The joy on my parent's face when they saw the picture of "their boy Buba" as they had nicknamed him, was such a great satisfaction. It was then that I realized the joy I could provide by combining my two great loves - art and animals!

I am honoured and humbled when asked by people to complete a portrait of their loved one or cherished place. I am truly touched when I am invited to share the love between a pet and their human - for that trust I am truly grateful - Thank you from the bottom of my heart for including my artwork as a celebration of that love and bond.

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